Founder’s Corner: Pepper’s Mission to Fill the Bra Gap

Pepper is a bra company that designs and creates a bra for small boobs. Literally, filling a market demand for fitted bras and empowering women along the way.


The startup launched a kickstarter campaign earlier this year and exceeded its goal by 470%. The campaign raised $47,320, backed by 952 people. Now, customers can order the “All You Bra” on Pepper’s website for an affordable $40.

This week, the two co-founders, Jaclyn and Lia, pitched at WeWork’s Creator Awards in New York!

About the Founders!

Jaclyn’s background is in marketing and bringing technology products to market. Irked by not finding a bra that fit her needs, she decided to start Pepper. While explaining her idea to a colleague, she found her cofounder, Lia. Lia’s background includes analytics, finance, and operations. Together, the cofounders share a passion for diversity in the media and body positivity. Bringing those passions together, the duo is developing the perfect product for an underrepresented target market, women with small boobs.

Co-founders, Jaclyn and Lia

Follow along!

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Feeling Empowered?

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