The Ultimate Startup Law Resource Bank

Ever find yourself in a Google search black hole? Us too. Throughout the years we’ve curated this comprehensive startup law resource list of books, templates, online resources, and podcasts related to Startup Law. We hope you find this list helpful; whether you’re an entrepreneur, industry professional, or fellow startup lawyer.

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  • Venture Deals; by Boulder VC’s Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson: this is the best resource we’ve come across to understand the key parts of an investment where preferred stock is being issued. It is not only a guide to preferred stock deals, but also how VC firms work, seed stage deals, and other legal issues.
  • Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law; by Constance E. Bagley and Craig E. Dauchy: this book is a comprehensive reference on a wide variety of legal issues that entrepreneurs face during the life of a company.
  • Zero To One; Notes On Startups or How To Build The Future; by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters: while not a legal reference, this book provides great insight into starting and managing a company. We recommend this as a tool to better understand entrepreneurial clients.
  • Shoe Dog; by Phil Knight: revealing and fast paced look at the origin and near deaths of Nike. This book serves as a reassurance to the early trials faced by such a fabled company.
Online Resources
  1. Y Combinator, Legal and Accounting
  2. Yokum Taku: Startup Company Lawyer
  3. Joe Wallin: Startup Law Blog
  4. Sam Altman: Startup Class
  5. Paul Graham: Articles
  6. Ben Horowitz: Author
  7. AngelList: Networking and Connections
  8. Brad Feld: Feld Thoughts; Ask the VC
  9. Fred Wilson: AVC
  10. Mark Suster: Both Sides of the Table
  11. Venture Hacks: Venture Hacks
  12. José Ancer: Silicon Hills Lawyer
  13. Built In Colorado: Built in Colorado
  14. Brad Feld: Venture Capital Deal Algebra
  15. Jason Mendelson: Mistakes to Avoid
  16. Jason Haislmaier: IP Insights
  17. Clint Korver: Cap Table Overview Video
  18. Ryan Howell: Y Combinator KISS v. 500 Startups SAFE
  19. Joel Jacobson: Startup Law Due Diligence Basics

Looking for more startup law resources? Check out our comprehensive startup law checklist, from incorporation to exit.

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